Sex Spell

It’s a catatonic rapture you give your very soul to! A reverie you’ve feasted upon and are now a glutton for. The dopamine, the flush head, the deep breaths, the teeth grind, the lip bites. All leading to the anesthetic trance. Body and mind numb to all but the pleasure. So exhausted, yet overflowing with nervous energy. Limbs debilitated with a slight twitch. A high, a natural high, you’re afraid to come down from. Its your favorite delectable cocktail you greedily gulp like a lush. You drink and drink, but you get no fill, like a bottomless pit. Eyes draping to the rear of your head, like take me! Right before you crossover into an inebriated Daze. A clinched demeanor preceding paralysis. Overdosed! Capable of turning you into a drug fiend, a passion drug fiend. Destitute to its release! Devoted to its absolution. You’ve escaped to La La land. You’re under a sex spell.

What strange sorcery is this, such a tranquil hypnosis. This is beyond a mere orgasm. In fact it often succeeds multiples in occurrence. A mood far removed from any dismal existence.  No fears, no worries.

“A study conducted by QueensUniversity in Belfast, Ireland, found that sex on a regular basis is not only healthy for our bodies but also improves our overall length of life. –

Spell 1You might recall the movie, “How Stella got her Groove Back.” Novel idea I know, lol but its true. A much needed readjustment can work wonders! It could put you back on track feeling rejuvenated. I believe it 100%, great sex can be like that. But be careful, the right tool has the power to put you back on track or De-rail you. Choose an honest mate. Sex spells can be one helluva motivator.

“Man must not live upon bread alone.” In the realm of the universe you are more than blood and tissues requiring edibles for sustenance. What does that mean? You need to live on sex too! Lol. No but, that sounds good. Satisfying sex is not just nourishment for the body, its medicine for vitality. I’m talking about flow! Spiritual flow! Has much to do for your perspective, your demeanor. your confidence. The energy you exude that is your aura. In the ancient east it’s called, ‘Kama’ and ‘Artha’. Your overall sense of well-being. It’s how people can tell when your “getting some” and when you’re not. To an ‘aware individual sex benefits can reach even beyond an orgasm. It’s a whole other world. An escape! “Tell me you don’t want me to stop, tell me it would break your heea-aar-rrt” –Robin Thicke “Lost without u”.

But wait, wait, wait. Before you rush off on a trek to never never land and have your lover stroke you into oblivion. Something should be clear. You can’t just demand the energy. It’s a gift, its on loan, you get to borrow it, not command it. Don’t crash upon it. It’s not the big bang theory. You don’t get knocked into it. (well, kinda lol. No pun intended). First you must appease it. Gradually build up to the crescendo! The fried synapses help you float into it. When you feel it, transcend away. Free yourself of conscious thought. Like drifting deep into the ocean blue. It’s as if you’ve reached the peak and are granted a stay at its plateau wherein lies a perpetual dispense of euphoria. Capture it and relish it. The greater the desired impact, the more meticulous the approach. So don’t march into this journey like a power-hungry incompetent. Let it come. Diced Pineapples chorus – “Do it all night, til things get right.”

There is no finish line here you’re not looking for an ending. You’re completely in the moment. Surrendered to an eternal session. Seek your mate’s spirit out, connect with the passion, connect to the gratification, connect to the spell. You must give in, put your back into it, put your soul into it.  No sun is rising or setting on you. You’re free to let lose, you’re free to just be. If your mate needs help finding the zone, talk to them in that sexy voice, speak to them, let them know what you’re a feeling, give them details of your fulfillment. You are their sex toy. You’re here for them. Be a giver! Lyrics from Kelly Rowlands, Motivation, “And when we’re done, I don’t wanna feel my legs. I just wanna feel your hands all over me,…oh Lover, No other can do that the same. I wont let ya get up out the game, so lover gon and make me rain.” Spicy lyrics indeed.  It’s a fully vested initiative. At least until you can catch that wave. And ride it like pro Hawaiian surfer Big Kahuna style. If you want a cupid arrow through your soul mate’s heart. Then murder them. Right here. Right now. Stay in unison. Match their energy and infuse them with yours, move for move, stroke for stroke, position for position. Leave your darling in want “You got that lazy love, You got that I don’t wanna, That I wanna go no where,…that I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna do nothing” – Neyo Lazy Love

love finds u 1 Mix the few ingredients and assimilate them into an elixir. Love potion #9. lol. Its ignited from at least one of 3 ways and for 3 reasons. Ways: a) Infatuation b) Love or c) Prowess-spawning inundated relaxation. Reasons: a) Spirit-awareness. The Kamasutra calls the sexual energy, “Kundalini, aroused from the’ Root (chakra)-base of the spine, and travels up through and energizes all the chakras, revitalizing body and spirit.’ and b) Hormonal activity-neurotransmitters, dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin are helping fuel your lust and craving and c) Time-extended play, effects of being in such a state for such a length of time. Endorphins are released during long, continuous workouts, when the level of intensity is between moderate and high, and breathing is difficult. This also corresponds with the time that muscles use up their stored glycogen… has also been known to create feelings of euphoria and happiness.”  -Wikipedia. We could go further, but you get the point.

People call it different things, dick drunk, the zone, pussy whipped. If you’ve never been there, you may be skeptical. It’s literally like Robin Thicke calls it “Sex Therapy”. You need it. It keeps calling you. Deep puddles of love nectar, Seizure-like orgasms, puppy dawg eyes, constant requests for more, are all signs you are on the right path. Now go forth and conjure!

Ever been under someone’s sex spell? What was so special about them? Leave a message, Lets chop it up.



Inspirational Songs:

Rkelly- Echo

Sex Therapy – Robin Thicke

Novacain- FrankOcean

High for this- The weeknd

2012 – Chris Brown


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