Sex Brain – The secret of prowess

“If you want an extraordinary sex life, entertain extra ordinary thoughts.” –RJC

Accept who you are; and revel in it.” ― Mitch Albom

 One afternoon during a browse of online dating articles I stumbled on an interesting enlightenment and confirmation. The would-be tag line of the article read;

“Sexual complaints are common within our culture, however they present differently in men and women. Men complain more about function and women complain more about desire.” -Juliet K. Mavromatis, MD

The alarming evidence excitedly made me ponder to what degree I could remedy. Inspiration had struck!

Today we’re going to unleash the ‘sex god’ within you. It’s fun, but it’s not a game. Commencing right now, this second. With no fancy gadgets or made-up gimmicks. We are going to do it using the number 1 sex tool on the planet! Your psyche, that’s right your Sex Brain! I just ask one favor; PLEASE PLEASE for pete’s sake toss out that old rusty dusty sex paradigm you’ve been stuck in. You know what I’m talking about. Those preconceived notions about sex you’ve held onto since the beginning never really serving you well. Only acting as growth barriers trapping you into mediocrity and putting your lover’s to sleep from boredom. ZZzzzzzz! Lol.

The genius Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” That speaks volumes here. When mind blowing sex is birthed, it was conceived at sex brain. It’s the residence of clairvoyant creation where all preparations are made for future fruition. Like a salivated palate before the taste, the mysterious brilliance lies within vivid imaginative eroticism; a foundation designed by you the architect. A habitual contemplation, capable of leaving you feeling its affects long after the cerebral musing has passed. A condition of elated illustrious anticipation, a.k.a. Marination.

straddle your mind

Much more than some juvenile hyperactive ‘horn dog’ state. This is control of your psyche. Abiding in your mental picture long before tongue and flesh meet, before heated torsos are pressed together, It harbors its plot with the potency of a mischievous expert. It is more than a glorified ‘dirty mind’. Put it this way if a ‘dirty mind’ is for novices, sex brain is for professionals. A ‘perv’ with a smut appetite may temporarily get quick “jollies” from a heated genital area, but sex brain will have your whole body aglow. You are a junior creator. Use of your constructive ingenious mind can cause an aura flow to surround your sex energy. Management of it is to your benefit, yielding it only at will is your mastery. You’ll know ‘what’ you’re doing, ‘why’ you’re doing it, and ‘how’ to do it.

“We are programmed to do so,” sex therapist Richard A. Carroll, associate NorthwesternUniversity psychiatry and behavioral sciences professor says. “Asking why people have sex is akin to asking why we eat. Our brains are designed to motivate us toward that behavior.”  -Kelli Miller,

It’s a pattern of thought, a philosophy if you will. To be used by responsible adults. Anyone can be horny, but sex brain fastens its roots and development in a healthy self-esteem, confidence, intelligence and Passion. You can dream while you are wide awake. It is empowerment to a healthy libido. Humans are robust sexual beings that think about sex more than we admit to. Except who are we kidding, there’s no sweeping that under the rug. Encourage it! Guide that into an expressive nature in your relationship.

We’re talking about admittance with no apologies. It is sustained by an abysmal ownership of your sexuality. Regardless of age it can refortify the kundalini, the sexual nature you are born with, your natural sexual gift. And it fuels your longevity. Instead of depending upon some external source to generate your interest in intimacy, use your own self-initiation power. It’s there! It’s always there! At times you just need to quiet down your spirit and listen to it. Don’t let your aptitude depend solely upon your hormonal levels. Be intentionally cognitive of your own spirit.

“The autonomic part of the peripheral system regulates many functions…but which can be brought under conscious control through bio-feedback and yoga techniques. The sympathetic aspect of the autonomic system generally comes into play when we experience strong emotions, while the parasympathetic system tends to be active when we are calm and relaxed.” – Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD, ‘The Roots of Consciousness’

Sex brain utilizes the mystic ‘sixth sense’ on a dreamscape. Practice makes perfect, the more you use it, the stronger and more lucid they will become until it appears to you as plain as day HD 3D. you can taste, smell and feel as if you are already there. A trance-like zone can give you chills and goose bumps when you’re doing it right. When you can sedate yourself like codeine with just a thought. You’re starting to master it. If you wonder about the fantasy being better than the real thing; well then there’s your goal; put yourself in that same state of mind when it’s game time. Don’t’ break character, Stay in touch with your alter-ego and you’ll have nothing to worry about. Keep your body lively, keep your mind right. “The emotion of sex contains the secret of creative ability… [It] is an irresistible force…When driven by this emotion; men become gifted with a super power for action.” -Napoleon Hill, “Think and Grow Rich”. One can increase their sexual functioning, desire, or prowess just by psychologically summoning it. Just by wanting to. Little wonder why people that propel themselves to greatness usually have a lot of sex appeal and vibrance.

sex brain

So size your opponent up! Yes I said it! Size them up. Observe every inch of their specimen. Check them out! The legs, hips, chest, glutes, neck, shoulders. How would you engage? Use your intuition. Where would you touch and how would you touch it? Picture yourself giving it a caress, and a rub down, tasting it, no, savoring it. Are you the kind to trounce upon full bite like a wild cat? Or would you steadily glide upon like a boa constrictor strong grip squeezing? Massage ideas like these. Sex brain is the method to the madness. You better start having answers to these questions if you plan to stand out. I’ll tell you a secret. Actually I’ll give you two secrets. Every person on planet earth thinks their ‘stuff’ is the best on earth. Yep! Better than anybody else’. And the second secret is. A few people actually are. On women it’s called the ‘good good’ on men it’s called the ‘act right’. The goal is to actually be one of those rare lovers. To be immortaled, irreplaceable in the mind of your Love. You wanna be owner of their heart and their lusts that you earned deservedly so. Cus you took it with your killer instinct!

Arranging the scene is not silly and Consistent performance is not an accident. You got visions, build them! You’re the commander and Chief of your sex life. Don’t let if fall apart on your watch. Your lover’s moans should sound like the sweetest music. So flick the switch and welcome to the other side.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment. Lets chop it up!

 Inspired Songs

Intuition – Jamie Foxx

Read your mind – Avant

112- U already Know

The Weekend – Life of the Party

Talk that talk – Rihanna

Made to love – John Legend

Role Play – Trey Songz

Best I ever had – Drake

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