A Perpetual Stirring Kiss

A certain percentage of women prefer kissing over sex. But the old saying goes “It’s all downhill after the first kiss.” That built up tension like a silent storm brewing. A chemistry surmounting to detonate once and for all into a lip-lock pinnacle frozen in time. Never to be equated. Or can it? Well I say never stop trying.

Pull the body close Peer into the eyes

Peek at the lips and back at the eyes

 Faint aroma of body fragrance, all senses heightened

An ecstatic nervous fervor grips as muscles tighten


Sex brain engaged eyes dilated you taunt your raspberry target

Pause briefly as you feel the sensation of warm inviting breath

Moisten your beak with a quick swipe


Glide in, Slight tilt of the head

Facial scope matched like puzzle pieces

Commencing tenderly, moderately pressed upon plump peaches


Slow deliberate exchanges reaffirm affection

Take your time and sample your lover’s essence

 So Soft and supple as jubilant electrodes explode off the lip’s tip

They tingle on you playfully and you hold back from a nip


Slips of your succulent wand flow over the rim’s contour like afternoon breezes across rolling hills

you can only surrender to this spell binding thrill

 Flush from the rush they swell and pout

Teaseful Tongue pats greet each other while you nibble about


Gauge your partners delight with each intuitive movement of this non verbal conversation

Match the energy submit to the flow using telepathic communication

 The pace surmounts becoming intoxicated on each others mouthpiece

Harder to hold back now you open further in a state of reception

 Resembling a tango you grapple this bubblegum limb

Arousal and desire take the lead, now you’re really in

 Passion built head tucked a slight suck then release

Adrenaline running and a soothing calm of tantric peace


Not missing a morsel feasting on your mate’s pomegranate treat

Oblivious to the surroundings lost in the moment

Reluctant to pull chops apart as you drink in your last helping of exhilaration

You just had a stirring kiss and it was better than imagination

 The kiss

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