The Queen of Assh*les

I know the most beautiful queen on planet earth

But don’t search for her tiara it’s buried under dirt

She once heralded a smile that could illuminate through passes

And a blanket of compassion she would cover the masses

Her beauty one of the greatest stories ever told

But now pride’s overtaken she’s the royalist of assh*les

A sort of Maleficent in the flesh

she never passed that last test

One too many liars laid upon her breast

Replaced her smile with a scowl and condescending airs

A chip on her shoulder touching no one dares

Too overwhelmed and too uncertain

She buried the last feelings and settled for the hurting

Cus it too as she discovered made her feel alive

As she relished in the power and believed in the lie

That she told herself it was better this way

No more broken promises no one to make her stay

I know I know she was given this world she didn’t make it

Working with what was left after everything were taken

She now lives life with goals mostly vain

Vowed to never let a man lead again

Some admire hire her freedom and the way she plays the game

But they better be careful cus it’s rooted in pain

Even though deep in her heart she knows better

she won’t start to feel until she reads my love letter

I dare not challenge her at her game I’d lose for certainty

The best I can hope is she sees the friend in me

Wishing the best for her majesty with no ill will

Chipping away at the iceberg for a heartbeat to feel

Because I too have a gift and really want to use it

To bring the queen back to glory if she so chooses

Be her protector from falsehoods and any kind of harm

I believe I can be her good luck charm

Remind her sometimes its okay to slow it down

Just trust it all and put back on your crown

She’s not too far gone I can only pray,

A true king can help re-lighten her way

I hope she reads my love letter and starts to care

Or at least strike a chord and she becomes aware,

The gift she has never went anywhere

And can return any minute if she so dare

There’s no telling how this will end

Still Ill reach out to her just the same

Cus this lady here’s worth more than any gain

I’ll risk my life I believe in her that much

I see a vision of me embraced in her love

But for the moment the past pains have taken their toll

And she no longer frets them, cus she is the Assh*le


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