Death Of The Gentleman

Group of ladies venting at the lounge saying guys aren’t  shit

Hated to drop the bomb I objected with my two cents

Said you can sit here all night talking this nonsense

But some pretty ladies like you are really the culprits


You would’ve thought the music scratched the way their mouths dropped

I kept going that’s why in places like these a gentleman never stops

Looking at their faces could tell they were fresh out of college

Wasn’t trying be a d*ck just dropping some knowledge


Don’t play naïve high school Psych taught us humans need incentives

Guarantee they wouldn’t act that way if you ladies wasn’t giving

Y’all created these monsters why you think they never get a clue

Your reality is based upon what most people let you do

Your words say you don’t like jerks

Your body language says give me two


So you like confident guys with bulging pockets in a couple of different  ways

Those happen to be the same douches and I doubt that’ll ever change

Somewhere along the way they got hip to the real

Figured out well mannered wasn’t sex appeal


See they get a lot of love and get a lot of pu**y and women are always jocking

The worse they act the more women they get so it usually spills over to cocky

Then guys see that then imitate that and the dating game starts to get rocky


On the edge their seats knew I wasn’t lying so they didn’t dare stop me

Said to change the game’ll take time and a lot more integrity

Repeat after me; I’ll internalize the spirit of the man I want inside of me


We shared a few shots and before midnight they all started checking their messengers

They thanked me for input gave out hugs and promised to buy Tazers

Soon as they left each other for the night, they went and rewarded bad behavior