A Giver’s Paradise – Selecting A Lover


“When sex is used to fulfill needs, its leads to addiction. When sex comes from playfulness, the result is ecstasy.” -DC   


It’s Saint Tropez, the Bonelli couple’s annual French getaway. And there’s something in the air tonight, a taint of enchantment.  Seated at the rear patio of their favorite restaurant Le Papillion the moon appears perched just outside. The Mrs. is captivating in her rebellious black cocktail dress fitted unforgivingly just right. And she knows it. Past the romance phase, they still keep it live. Hell hubby was peeking while she was getting beautified. Spell bound poised in his Tom Ford suit Mike lends himself forward into the moment’s trance. A spry idea erupts. So why wait? He thinks. Why not an appetizer right now? Like the dinner wine about, a precursor to the exquisite course that awaits. Judging by the gleam in her eyes she’s primed for mischief too, he affirms!

Mr. passion disappears ‘neath the tablecloth to give wifey’s pink a French kiss. Knelt incognito he separates knee from knee revealing pouting lips jeering back at him. Surprise! someone neglected to put on panties. A quick head rush intensifies the thrill. A couple of slithering tongue pats splits the soft folds as he introduces his warm chops to her lotus flower. Making sweet music only she can hear. A firm bind to her flower in suction sends Lisa’s eyes to the rear of her cerebellum. Reaching out she taps his head to halt the interlude at initial drool, too late, a couple of quick skeets of honey injections deep into Hubby’s throat says I Love You. Popping back up before any notices his expression pronouncing exhilaration. They laugh it off. Six minutes can feel like eternity when you’re misbehaving.

You wanna know a lil secret about Lust? Like other sentiments the action can precede the emotion. Huh? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose? Isn’t a passionate union primal-ly automated in our DNA. On a basic level maybe. Not on this level. Super Duper Jupiter love is no parts standard. Relationship expert Stephen Covey informs, “Relationships are like bank accounts” make ample deposits for ample withdrawals. Givers know how to keep the thirst incessant by making steady installments that pays dividends later. Fulfilling because what makes their partner happy makes them happy. “Kissing transfers testosterone into your partner.” Adina Rivers. Constant cariños. Effortless fuel. Who needs fuel you ask?

Check this out, “…as Dr. Harry Fisch, a sexual health doctor and author of The New Naked: The Ultimate Sex Education for Grownups, explains, 45 percent of men are finished within two minutes. Meanwhile, the average sex session lasts 7.3 minutes.”

That’s data a couple like them would scoff at. See they keep the menu cause for hearty appetite. Seduction is the game. A win/win scenario. Covey always recited, “The little things are the big things.” The sexual aspect of it is no different. Be Quick to Give! A sexual relationship based not in self-gratification like many relationships these days, I’m talking about a giver’s paradise everything you put out comes right back to you. A love based in a deep hunger to satisfy! A philosophy at the core of every happy covenant. Meet each other’s needs.

♪…In a dress with her hair tied up Or I can be a freak in the sheets In the room with her hands tied up… It’s whatever you want ♪ – Dej Loaf

Mike and Lisa’s relationship prosperity isn’t random. A long time ago these two made a pact. Never to forget the Basics. He sat her down one day and spoke of how his father taught him one thing as youth, Half measures avail nothing. He told her “For as long as you are willing, want you to know I’m willing to” …that if she was willing to go ALL IN then he was ready. They’ve been going ALL IN ever since.

passion pic.png

Two words; Connection Compels. Watching a happy couple, you can spot it in the details, a touch here, a kiss there, a compliment here, a look there. “Emotional connection, mutual trust and a sense of safety [stability] within the relationship can basically be thought of as a prerequisite to the fulfillment of your sexual desires.” -Bernardo Mendez

That, and an open mind does wonders. “Many couples fall into the trap of sexual monotony over time…Yet widening the range of expressiveness can be a doorway to the deepest spiritual connection between two human and that often involves stepping a bit outside the safety zone (in a variety of ways).” – 5 Tips to deepen your connection with your partner’ by Bernardo Mendez. “♪ know I kept it sexy, know I kept it fun ♪” – Queen B. No Ying yang balance struggle. No power trips. Mutual respect and trust. “Giving opens the way for receiving.” -Florence Scovel. If a spectacular sexual relationship is the icing on the cake, then understanding each other is the cake. A giver-to-giver dynamic creates a perfect environment for karma actualization, perpetual flow and screaming out perpetual OOH’s.   

…returning to our apologue;

Rounding out a sublime evening of dancing and vibing the Bonelli’s advance to their Napoleon suite. The sleeping quarters, where for many couples the night ends, but for a libido-abundant few is where the night is just beginning. Laying back on the bed for a quick breather, hubby feels the warm caress of playful hands unbuckle his belt. Wifey begins to orally make love to his manhood like never before. Lisa’s alter-ego is a thing of brilliance. His whole body peaking to a clinch. Just then Mike with a majestic flip positions her former Jr. national gymnastics champion arse sky high. Longer and longer strokes develops a rhythm. Hands gripped tight on her hips he commences to drive deep. The Mrs. can hardly contain herself from climaxing.  But she does, she aims to enjoy every minute. His tool becoming more and more animated with each thrust Lisa knows it’s going to be a long night.

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