About the Writer

The author is a passion enthusiast. Passion in the context of intimacy, romance, dating, and sex. Consulted with by friends and peers on relationship matters for more than 15 years. Self-proclaimed prowess as a ‘natural’ passion purveyor learning from his own personal dating experiences as well as spending thousands of hours studying relationship dynamics through books, articles, talks with mentors, direct observation within local southern California dating pool.


In witnessing firsthand what was lacking in many relationships, a compelled prompting in 2012 to share his thoughts and voice more widely spurred his first public posting in the blog entry “What is Passion?” Upon encouraging feedback to write more, he followed up with acclaimed peer reviewed entries. He continues to write and study the art of written expression. He aspires to be self-gifted and centered in the purpose of utilizing this avenue to highlight the fulfillment of making passion a priority via thought-provoking commentary and elicit short stories.

The author believes a thriving sexual relationship is an essential part of a healthy romantic union. His definite major purpose is to dare you, to challenge you, to have the ultimate candid, and bonded relationship with your partner.

Be on the lookout for his series of passion short stories.

twitter: @ThePassionAura

instagram: @theauraofpassion

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