About the Writer

A fellow student of life and a student of better love-making. I am passionate about passion. Some will say that’s just my style. Being intimately Passionate has always come natural for me, surely as it does for many people. What I think we often overlook is that, for a multitude of different reasons, it doesn’t for everybody.

The aim of this blog is not to present sex in some perverted light, but understand that sex is a big part of life, and so are discussions on the matter. So thats what we discuss, the benefits of making Passion a priority. I think we should strive to have the best sexual relationships we can with our partners, and not just sometimes, but often. Everyone has in their power to be a more committed, connected lover. Sex dynamics is not the only dynamics to a relationship, however it is a major part of it, and just like the others, takes effort and nourishment or it will be lost. I don’t blog to claim to be an expert, or some kind of sex educator, but as an enthusiast who will regularly take you on an exploration of Passionate ideas, many people’s inputs and share things Ive learned personally. You figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. What comes natural and what will take some work. The goal is to come with a fresh perspective, and at the end of the day become better Passionate lovers.

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