Objectify You

"Some women are lost in the fire; some women are built from it." -Michelle K. "Confidence is owning your own authentic truth." -G. Bernstein "I think it’s quite possible we were born for each other." – Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo A lively Friday evening in So Cal. Its date night, great restaurant, exquisite eats, enticing [...]

A Perpetual Stirring Kiss

A certain percentage of women prefer kissing over sex. But the old saying goes “It’s all downhill after the first kiss.” That built up tension like a silent storm brewing. A chemistry surmounting to detonate once and for all into a lip-lock pinnacle frozen in time. Never to be equated. Or can it? Well I [...]

Sex Brain – The secret of prowess

“If you want an extraordinary sex life, entertain extra ordinary thoughts.” –RJC “Accept who you are; and revel in it.” ― Mitch Albom  One afternoon during a browse of online dating articles I stumbled on an interesting enlightenment and confirmation. The would-be tag line of the article read; “Sexual complaints are common within our culture, [...]

Sex Spell

It’s a catatonic rapture you give your very soul to! A reverie you’ve feasted upon and are now a glutton for. The dopamine, the flush head, the deep breaths, the teeth grind, the lip bites. All leading to the anesthetic trance. Body and mind numb to all but the pleasure. So exhausted, yet overflowing with [...]

Why Romance!

A passion clad 15th century young Knight, about to compete in his country’s most prestigious jousting tournament, summons his love. Being the star-favored, he wants to tell her, he'll be winning this jousting tournament for her. She however says he'd win anyway for his own pride, and if he really loved her he'd lose for [...]

The Hot and Cold Game: A foreplay episode

Envision, Fire! Heat, trapped in a container swelling approaching combustion! Or a huge pot of scorching scalding hot boiling water, overflowing the top. That’s what it resembles. Taking a great ball of agitated energy and commanding it to lay motionless for a period, in this case a cataclysm of Lust. Imagine an intimate encounter that [...]