What is Passion?

Think back!, waay back. Remember when you had your First Real makeout session. That’s right; I mean the first Goood one. Recall the intense rush of emotions and ecstasy that overcame you. You might of even gotten light headed from the blood rush, hormones and brain chemicals racing all over the place. All of your senses suddenly heightened, heart pace quickened, there was surge in body heat and you zoned out, being swept up by that euphoric energy. “Bam! you thought, What is this?” and you were instantly hooked. That was your first taste of Passion!! And a quick reminder just in case you had forgotten. Lol. Passion is real and doesn’t have to be short lasting, Its even something you can experience over and over again with the same caring partner.

Sadly, everyday I hear about a relationship that’s lost its intimate Passion or about one that never really had it. And I cant help but think, wow that couple is really missing out, and it happens, more often than we think. “Sex, or “the cookie” …is a major point of contention for many couples. If you don’t think it’s important…you’re wrong!” says Steve Harvey in his popular bestseller. And I have to agree with him. Once that’s the case, the handwriting is on the wall so to speak, you know what’s next, cheating and eventually break up. The numbers say that when women cheat, 40% of them do so for the “emotional connection” which is lost in their relationship. And 40% of the males that cheat do so for variety. I dare to say a lot of couples don’t maintain a real passionate sex life. Imagine if they did, sure, the connection the women mean comes before the sex, but consider this, if you engaged in passionate intimacy with your partner on a regular basis, you would attest to its power as a relationship strengthener. The very nature of true passionate bonding reinforces and maintains emotional connection. Passion is men’s and women’s ally. I’ll tell you what, when you come with passion and enthusiasm in the bedroom, you raise the skill bar, making it harder for other “tempters” to measure up. Your mate will be less likely to stray from where he or she already has it “good”. That’s just real talk. And in general, the experts say that most people cheat for the ‘Thrill’ it brings. Duhh! Cus that’s Passionate! The point is, Passion = mate sexually satisfied.

Fortunately, the single most important factor needed to bring Passion is not too difficult to do. It’s a tweak in our thinking. That’s right, a mental focus shift we can learn to come equipped with before you even touch your lover. Let’s delve in a little deeper to my take of what Passionate sex is and then ill explain.

First let’s draw a clear distinction of what it is not, or how passionate sex differs from sex. Generally speaking we’ll make 3 categories of sex. a) strictly physical sex, b) Love sex, and c) Passionate sex. For the sake of being blunt, strictly physical sex is otherwise known as, ‘fucking’. No explanation needed, no emotional connection is trying to be made here. Next, Love Sex, otherwise know as ‘love-making’ And finally the 3rd which is what Ill call (At Will) Passionate sex. I know what some of you are thinking Love making can sometimes be passionate, mmm, it can, have some passionate overtones, more specifically in the beginning. But allow me to continue and we will dissect a little more. If you take an honest look at it, love making doesn’t remain potent and sexually satisfying over long periods of time because it becomes routine and mundane. Even when you’re still in love with that person.

While beautiful it is, with love making you more or less rely on the Passion to come automatically, like it does when a sexual partner is new. Simply because you’re ‘in love’ or are feeling frisky! And like gas in a tank, Love momentum runs out and fails to spark the passion flame. Let’s see, what are the ingredients of Love sex? Its loving, tender, reassuring, emotionally connecting, tame, its calculating, practical, predictable, lackluster, its DULL! What are the ingredients of Passionate sex? Its lustful, energetic, bountiful, emotionally connecting, has major intent, unselfish, a lot of giving and taking, has properly timed aggression, its pleasure provoking, still loving, and captivating! Relate it to your taste buds, and imagine if your favorite Italian dish was prepared with only a couple sprinkles of salt and some pepper. Instead of the way you like, with basil, garlic, rosemary, sage, oregano, marjoram, paprika, thyme, and cilantro. See what Im getting at.

You can say Passion is the best of both worlds, or all 3 sex categories we mentioned wrapped in one. It’s bonding on a physical, emotional, lustful, and spiritual level. You can relate to it, its close in feel to that beginning period when you are having sex with a partner that you are still highly infatuated with, you’re not in love yet, but you are ready to fall in love, you completely trust them, give into them, and are ready to bond with them, on the deepest erotic level. You enjoyed that period didn’t you, everybody does! And yet we feel that period inevitably has to end, and will eventually transition into “love making” sex, thus doomed forever. 😦 Until we can escape! 🙂

The good news is that everyone has in their power to release passion and make a deeper connection and stronger commitment to bonding with your mate in the bedroom. Is it some mystic unreachable level ? Not at all.  Its part of our makeup as human beings. “You are a whole person made up of body, soul, and spirit, when you make love with only your body, you’re getting only one third of the sex. Spirit and soul like sex too, and they add immensely to the pleasure”.-Thomas Moore. You don’t have to be religious to know that humans aren’t just flesh and bones, we are part energy, spirit, emotion, electric frequency, or however you choose to refer to it. And we can use the right mindset to access that spiritual energy of ourselves. Just like igniting something, in this case Passion. Passion is, communing on the Next level. Let’s just say if you follow the flow of Passion it’ll guide you to your sixth sense. What is that 6th sense? it’s the power of Intuition. You intuitively now connect to your mates desires thus fulfilling them, leading to satisfaction.

It can make you feel like your very souls are uniting. Passion is when you savor every touch, every taste; it’s when you relinquish all thought, to become one with to moment, one with the connection, one with your mate, one with the electric current that is flowing between you two. It’s such a powerful mental escape; it can even make you environs, less of a priority. Remember it’s mentally sparked whenever you call on it, meaning it’s as powerful as you can be. At Will Passion isn’t dependant upon emotional steam. It creates it’s on own emotional drive. And that’s why your brain is the single most powerful tool here. You ever seen someone jumpstart a car? Conceptually its something like that. Metaphorically like flicking a switch, turning off everything else, all outside distractions, all interferences, no mental multitasking, and turning on the zone to one track mindedness and the realm of Passion and Intuition. It’s captivating, once you release it, your mate will feel it and join you. 

It’s a practice that you can learn to in grain deep inside you. If Passion is the car, The brain is the ignition. It need not have prerequisites; you don’t have to be tipsy, financially rich, or super infatuated to experience it. You don’t even have to be in love, though love adds to its power. It is merely conjured from a frame of mind, predicated from your desire to deeply connect. We all know there’s things about the brain scientist will never understand. The brain holds the key to the sixth sense. We can see this in so many areas, and just like it holds the intuition to many things, it also holds the X-factor to Passion. Yes there’s multiple ways to  spark passion but none quicker, more reliable, more sustainable, than self ignited passion (At Will).

 What is passion to you? Have you ever had any one of a kind passionate experiences? Leave a comment. Lets chop it up.


  1. Ur definitely passionate with ur thoughts and the way u express them. Great job on ur first Blog entry 😉


  2. Ahhh….Finally finished reading your blog with no interruptions. 🙂 Nice! I love the passion you have through your words. My experience is affirmation of the advice and thoughts you give. 😉 Keep up the good writing!

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