From Friends to Strangers (Pleasure and Pain)

Big smile flirty eyes as we exchange names

Hella infatuated it always starts the same

Two seasoned veterans executing their best game

Good Morning text got us ready for what the day brings

A new glow about us and a pep in our step

Sending selfies whenever dressed up fresh

Stroking our ego’s so well is probably how we fell

Every other line of our convo’s ending in Lol’s

Passion that hot every time we made love,

Bed sheets turned tsunami cus we fit like a glove

From her pretty ass eyes I could see my unborn

Asking myself could this really be the one

It was the best of times even chilling taking a toke

Making you laugh at every one of my jokes

Momentum on our side, it was almost reality

Remember that night buzzing, you said you couldn’t be without me

And you never knew anyone that was this damn freaky

How I talk with my eyes talk with my hands had every part on your body peaking

Lovers possessing battered hearts in need of a tutor

So we discussed everything except how to face the future

new friends

I guess somewhere along the way you must’ve gotten bored

Or mistook my kindness for weakness and decided to explore

You tried running some slick game isht until you got caught,

You didn’t apologize you just said it’s my fault

I know sometimes I had trouble voicing my feelings

And could tell by your reaction you didn’t know how to love either

Intuition told us rush the thrill ‘fore the flame died

Perhaps this Cali life has us too preoccupied

New job new car new damn high

Same song different day we just don’t learn

Pride let’s a beautiful thing crash and burn

We shrug accountability chalk it up to the game

Six months from now won’t even remember names

No matter how many times it happens, it always seems to hurt

Hopefully that means we’re not complete jerks

Would’ve once laid down my life saving you from danger

Now you’re treatin me like a muthaffkn stranger

Temporarily in a daze as I contemplate our end

I looked up from my drink, now you’re hugging on my friend.


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